COVID-19 numbers put Liga MX season openers in jeopardy

A few days before the start of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament to start, a lot of doubt is in the air as the numbers of the COVID-19 have sparked high.

The COVID-19 has caused major setbacks throughout the world and in particular, many soccer leagues have either taken drastic changes at the start of their season or still holding back to restart due to the high number of cases in the country or throughout the league. Currently, the Liga MX is just a few days away from starting the Guard1anes 2020 tournament and things have already started off on the wrong foot as the league was forced to postpone the opening game of the week 1.

Atletico San Luis vs FC Juarez was programmed to be played, Thursday, July 23, 2020, but after the Juarez reported over 10 cases of COVID-19 the game was moved a few days later, which would take place on Monday, July 27, 2020, at Estadio Alfonso Lastras.

Not only is Juarez one of the club teams that has reported their testing numbers but as well throughout the Liga MX various club teams have come forward and it seems that the numbers have not declined. If anything the numbers is going up. Liga MX has registered a total of 78 cases with a mixture of players, personal staff, and coaches. This has sparked a conversation on whether the league will have to postpone once again as it happened back in March.

Amongst the club teams currently having the widespread numbers are, Chivas with three cases, Atlas with five cases as Necaxa, also Rayados de Monterrey has a total of three cases, and as we mentioned FC Juarez having the largest number as of now with 10 cases. Those are just a few club teams with “most” cases per se, as the other club teams have no more than 2 cases. Most importantly, there are two club teams that have no cases throughout the entire club team, being, Club America and Pachuca.

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With all this factual information at the moment, was it proper for the Liga MX to began their tournament just a few days away? It could be an endless debate but what we can say is that hopefully, the league takes care of each club team that has numbers across the board.