Chivas are starting to be decimated due to COVID-19

Liga MX’s Guard1anes 2020 started yesterday with Tigres beating Necaxa 2-0, but as more news of COVID-19 cases piles on for teams like Chivas who have yet to play a game, it begs the question if the season should be canceled to avoid putting more players health in jeopardy.

Chivas de Guadalajara took a huge blow earlier this week as three players tested positive with COVID-19, but the news of those names wasn’t revealed until a day or so later. Those players being most notably Uriel Antuna, and Fernando Beltran. Two team regulars who usually see a lot of time on the pitch. With said news, another round of tests was implemented and with the other round of testing, it was found that Alexis Vega also tested positive for COVID-19.

The official statement from Liga Mx’s website said:

The LIGA MX and the Club Deportivo Guadalajara report:

Following the established protocols, after detecting 3 positives for COVID-19 at the beginning of the week, the Club proceeded to isolate the players with the highest risk of being infected due to contact with these people.

Derived from this, new tests were carried out, yielding a positive result, that of the player Alexis Vega.

He is isolated, asymptomatic and under observation, according to the guidelines of the health authorities and LIGA MX itself.

In this way, Club Guadalajara guarantees that all the players who will be available tonight in their match against the Lion are negative in the PCR tests.

This news was revealed today, game day for Chivas vs. Leon. Chivas did the responsible thing and reported the positive test. It shouldn’t have to be a tough decision, but it’s hard when three starters in the same week contracted COVID-19 and there is a risk of Oribe Peralta seeing playing time for the Guadalajaran club.

One big take away here Is there may be other teams put in this situation in the future and it’s an unfortunate one, but fingers crossed teams report accurately and don’t endanger other players on the pitch’s health. With more clubs as even America reporting 5 COVID-19 cases, making a total of 10 teams all currently having at least one positive case that’s being monitored. The start of this Liga MX season couldn’t be off to a worse start.