Oribe Peralta is in Quarantine

After the second round of testing for Chivas de Guadalajara, almost all cases were public but when Oribe Peralta was left off the game-day squad, many asked questions.

Chivas tied with Leon on their inaugural match of Guard1anes 2020 campaign with forwards as Ronaldo Cisneros, Uriel Antuna, and Alexis Vega all absent due to positive COVID-19 results. One would have thought all hands would be on deck for forwards and people as Oribe Peralta would be at least on the bench but to many surprises, he wasn’t and it wasn’t explained either.

Fast forward to Tuesday the 28th and Chivas released an official statement on their website saying:

The LIGA MX and the Club Guadalajara report:

After conducting COVID-19 exams the previous week, as the protocols indicate, Oribe Peralta gave a negative result; however, he developed symptoms over the weekend.

The Club, derived from this, proceeded to isolate and carry out a couple of more exams on the footballer. The second was also negative, but the symptoms were still present, so a third test was applied, yielding a positive result today.

After some complicated days (without having oxygenation problems or some other symptom that forced to take more extreme measures), Oribe is in good health, isolated for several days and under observation of the Club’s medical staff, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and LIGA MX itself.

In a weird turn of events, Oribe Peralta is positive after a third test was administered and it’s fascinating Chivas went the extra rout where many other teams may have been content with a second negative test.

Liga MX is operating in uncharted seas here and the way the rules can be interpreted is in various ways if we are being honest with ourselves. Not every team would have gone to this extent, but it’s a good thing they did before they would have exposed many other teammates to the exact same illness that has already struck a chord for many Chivas players.

Fingers crossed Oribe Peralta gets better and he is seen back with the first team in no time. One can only hope other Liga MX teams are taking the same measures for players experiencing symptoms.