Tigres Dropped by Columbus on Penalties

Tigres UANL could not win on penalties after the aggregate 2-2 tie came to a close Tuesday, March 9.
Columbus Crew v Tigres UANL: Quarterfinals - Concacaf Champions Cup - Leg One
Columbus Crew v Tigres UANL: Quarterfinals - Concacaf Champions Cup - Leg One / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

Per MLS Soccer News the Crew won the their quarterfinal I er Tigres in a drama filled aggregate tie. The series would come down to penalty kicks. Oh was it close.

The matches would both see Tigres UANL strike first and expect to win; in neither case did a second goal or a win come. Both games would come down to one to one draws.

Game one would be a doozy. The first goal would be scored by Tigres UANL. The San Nicolás de los Garza Mexico team, which is actually a suburb of Monterrey, acquired the lead early with a minute eighteen Gignac goal. The Columbus crowd was off to a disappointing start.

That feeling would shift near the end of half one of game one. Rossi would be largely the cause of that shift in mood when he scored just before stoppage time in half one. The crowd were now back in the match.

The Crew held on after a second half that included a booking. The color red was shown to Morris of the Crew in the seventy seventh minute. The match was able to remain level at one after that.

Match two would see two goals and seven more in penalties that decided the game. The score was again in favor of the Mexican unit early.

Tigres UANL would score in minute three from Gignac. That lead would look to hold. Trouble would not brew up another goal in half one of game two.

The Crew would have to look to score to extend the match. They would level the game and the aggregate by adding a point in half two. Rossi would score rather quick in half two with a minute fifty nine goal.

The match would head to thirty minutes of extra time. After both fifteen minute extra halves and their allowed stoppage time would provide no points the game would head to penalty kicks. Five kicks for each team would take place first.

The kicks would go 4-3 in favor of the Crew from Columbus Ohio. Tigres went first in penalties and would feature a Gignac miss. The Crew would score first from Rossi. Then Pizarro would miss for Tigres. Columbus would score with Russell-Rowe next. Then Herrera would make it a one goal contest. Columbus would then make it three to one. Córdova would score to make it a two to three PK score. Then Columbian Crew player Hernández would open the door for Tigres with a miss. Tigres took advantage with an Angulo goal. Would the match tie in pk round one? No, as Arfsten of the Crew would score his PK to end it. Goal, set, match Crew!